This week Patrick Morley is focusing on how a man can grow spiritually and become a life-long disciple of Jesus Christ. God made man with the capacity and drive to commune with Him. As Aurelius Augustine said, "Lord, our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You." 

Dr. Morley has listened to thousands of men over decades of time, and has counseled many of them. He knows how men tick. He knows that most men are restless.

All men have the same fundamental needs-- Pat calls them "Primal Needs"-- and their fulfillment is ultimately found in God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. He's written a book about that. It's called, Man Alive! Transforming Your Primal Needs into a Powerful Spiritual Life. And, if you qualify, you can receive that book as a free gift.


You qualify if you are: 1) a man (or are getting the book for your man), 2) 18+ years of age, and 3) new to Patrick Morley and Man in the Mirror (that is, you have not received a free resource from Man in the Mirror before and are not currently on our mailing list).  The book is our way of introducing you to Patrick Morley and Man in the Mirror, a leading national men's discipleship ministry. Please request the resource by filling out the "Request FREE Resources" Form (below), and we'll mail it to you in the next 2-3 weeks.

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