Make 2016 a year of discipleship! 

That may sound like an overwhelming concept-- something totally beyond your reach; but the fact is that it can be as simple as having a cup of coffee with someone. 


Discipleship is simply one follower of Jesus connecting with another person (another follower of Jesus, or someone who may become a follower) and sharing Christ in the middle of that relationship.

No matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus, you can make 2016 a year of discipleship.

Which of the following statements describes you?
  • I want to become a follower of Jesus (or at least explore more about what that means).
  • I already am a follower of Jesus, but I want to grow in my relationship with Jesus.
  • I'm a growing disciple of Jesus, but I want to learn how to help someone else become a Jesus follower.
  • I've been making disciples of Jesus, but I'd really like to help my church (and perhaps other churches in my geographical area) disciple men better.
No matter which of these statements describes you, you can take the next step in your discipleship relationship with Jesus by providing your name and email below. We'll send you links to a number of free resources that can help to make 2016 a year of discipleship!

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