This month, Patrick Morley is addressing "70 Things Every Man Needs to Know."  It's a brief synopsis of Patr's vast experience ministering to men over the past few decades. It you'd like to find more information about any particular topic that Dr. Morley addressed in a radio program, just go to the main Man in the Mirror Web site, and explore to your hearts content. 

In addition, if you are contacting Man in the Mirror for the very first time, then we'd like to give you a *free* copy of Dr. Morley's best-selling book, The Man in the Mirror: solving the 24 Problems Men Face. It's truly a classic, and there are more than 3 Million copies in print to date. It covers most of the topics that Pat is talking about in the current radio series.

The Man in the Mirror paperback book is yours for FREE, if you qualify; that is, you are: 1) a man (or are getting it for your man), 2) 18+ years of age, and 3) new to Man in the Mirror (that is, you have not received an introductory free resource from Man in the Mirror before). This resource is our way of introducing you to Man in the Mirror, and the many resources available to help you as a man grow in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

NOTE: Feel free to tell a friend about this free offer which ends at the end of this month, November 30, 2017.

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