This week, Patrick Morley is talking to men about becoming fully alive by pursuing a discipleship relationship with Jesus Christ, specifically in the area of key relationships-- with other men, their wives, and in discipleship relationships. All the comments that Dr. Morley is sharing on the air are found in his book, Man Alive! That book is available for purchase online, or, if you're contacting Man in the Mirror for the very first time, you can get a copy for FREE! Just sign up (below).


At the end of the program, we also mentioned that you can find more information about how to enter into discipleship groups with other men, or how to even help other churches in your geographical area disciple men better. For more information about that, just fill out the Quick Form below and you'll receive a followup email with more information.

Now... back to the FREE book, Man Alive!  You can get a free copy if you qualify; that is, you are: 1) a man (or are getting it for your man), 2) 18+ years of age, and 3) new to Man in the Mirror (that is, you have not received an introductory free resource from Man in the Mirror before). This resource is our way of introducing you to Man in the Mirror, and the many resources available to help you as a man grow in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Feel free to tell a friend about this free offer which ends on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

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